♫♪  Circuit des Yeux - “Stranger”

Last month, preview videos of Circuit des Yeux’s extensive interview with Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through documentary series began circulating, which featured clips of Haley Fohr performing a new song. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the full song, titled “Stranger,” which Fohr explains came from her brief experience with a woman crying outside of an AA meeting. The experience led to compassion, which led to reasoning, which eventually led to the lines “I might’ve tried what you’ve tried/ I might’ve cried what you’ve cried/ I might’ve lied what you’ve lied/ I might’ve seen what you’ve seen/ I might’ve known what you’ve known/ But I don’t know much of anything.” It’s a powerful gesture, with Fohr’s baritonic voice and booming sound — helped here by the Gibbons Brothers of Bardo Pond — delivering a huge force in a massive, operatic way.

Circuit des Yeux is one of the most charged musicians out right now. As she says at the end of the first preview: “I want to sound like a trumpet. I want to sound like a dog. I want to sound like an angel. I want to do it all.” Check out the track here:

By the way, every recording Shaking Through does for Weathervane Music is free to download, and if you become a member they offer up the multi-tracks, encouraging listeners to remix them too. Go for it.

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