♫♪  clipd beaks - “black vacuum”

Hot off their lost offerings CS EP on Moon Glyph last year, clipd beaks continues on (!!!!!), and this time they wielding a “black vacuum.” Get sucked into the sheer UV-gaze vocals as the visitor emerges through camera lens’d sun-spots. What dimension does this visitor appear from? Why does it wear such a magnificent helmet? Visitor holography? “Yo, you’re a trip, pal! Want to chill with me here and feel out this ‘black vacuum’ I’ve been reeling?” you ask agreeing with the steady drum beat, and the visitor is totally down with the idea.

Yet, as you’re listening together, worlds and dimensional lines seem to melt and blend with lingering guitar: textures, colors, shapes; YOUR shape; the VISITOR’s shape. The visitor’s gaze gives you a chill state of being, though. Vibrancy can’t even explain the feelings your experiencing while madness washes over you and out into calm. Be within. Be together. Belong!

A little bummed I missed Beat Detectives and Jonas Reinhardt game with clipd beaks at The Body Actualized Center last month. It’s all good, though. I figure clipd beaks will be popping something fresh super soon, and I’ll catch em on that flip. Scope their newest video for “black vacuum” below:

• clipd beaks: https://www.facebook.com/clipdbeaks
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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