Hey! Look! Clipd Beaks have a new album out on Moon Glyph!

Hey! Look! Clipd Beaks have a new album out on Moon Glyph!

It’s hard to believe Clipd Beaks have been making ears bleed (in a good way) with their particular brand of psychedelia for a decade. It feels like it was just yesterday we thrilled to the sounds of 2007’s (!) Hoarse Lords and 2010’s excellent To Realize (TMT Review), but it’s true.

So, after self-releasing a couple releases last year, the Oakland-based outfit is back with a release from a proper label. Lost Offerings, the newest release from the band, is now available from Moon Glyph. Available on the delightfully antiquated cassette format, it’s a four-song EP that sees the band shifting their tactics; while known for their blasting, cacophonous sound, Lost Offerings is dense with a stronger emphasis on refined melodies, dynamics, and structure.

To see what I mean, you can check out “All Ways Closer” directly below this sentence:

Lost Offerings tracklist:

01. Womb to Tomb
02. Black Vacuum
03. All Ways Closer
04. Tied Sky

• Clipd Beaks: https://www.facebook.com/clipdbeaks
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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