♫♪  Color Plus - “Keygen”

Take a shit load of night-life atmosphere, mix it with production levels that only an urban influence can jux-up, and the jitters like shaking your leg for blood sugar. The way Color Plus takes, spins, draws, injects, and generally provides sound collision eventually spins out in the form of club music. Beyond the house and techno. Beyond the avant and experimental. Color Plus will get bodies moving in a way that comes at listeners like a twitching. Like that blood pumping uncontrollably through your neck right now; “Keygen” unlocks pulsations throughout one’s body that inspires movement that —at afar— looks like swaying, but is actual calculated, unwilling jolts of energy. Or what it looks like when someone is painting, but there’s no way of seeing what’s on the canvas. Luckily, Swim Team crew got all the paint. Especially in anticipation for Trax 3 dropping next month! So hit repeat on “Keygen” below. Get jacked for Trax 3. And hear some fresh tracks, head on over to Bossa on Monday for THE WHOLE CREW!

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