♫♪  D. Gookin - “Retaliation”

By this point in my time as a music journalist/blog boy, it’s about time to get a template going. Think about it, a Mad Libs style write-up that makes it easy to gush about anything? Yes, please. That way I can crank out content, get the social media kudos, and save myself a lot of time for writing Frasier fan fiction. As much as I’d like to get that going, I have a little deadline to make, and unfortunately I haven’t put the template together, aside from the closing line, “You heard it here first, [insert band name here] will be lighting up the charts in a few months.”

Now that I’m getting back to business, we’ve got a brand new digital single from D. Gookin, whom we’ve covered a couple of times over the years. If you’re still not familiar, D. Gookin is the solo alias of Mike Birnbaum, drummer for Juiceboxxx’s live band and co-founder/drum hitter with NYC shredders 2 Ton Bug. Under the D. Gookin moniker, Mike has been producing off-beat electro/alt/emo/rainbow rock since 2008. Nine years later, Gookin is still rolling, folks. He’s got a brand new single, “Retaliation,” that’s kind of an emo anthem, but with a little pop punk vibes thrown in for good measure. Even though I’m pushing 30, this brings me back to a time when I was 17 and all, “You can’t tell me what to do, dad!” (note: actually, I was never like that. I ran cross country and got home before curfew every weekend, if I went out at all). But I think you get the idea? Maybe not? Anyway, I’m an idiot. Stream “Retaliation” below, and stay tuned for more Gookin related news in the coming week.

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