♫♪  D. Gookin - “Sneak Out”

D. Gookin, who currently produces and tours with Juiceboxxx, also has a solid solo career that spans back to 2k8, which is decades in internet time. I first heard of him with his electro/rainbow rock EP When You’re Lonely Everybody’s a Celebrity, which still has **classic** status for my ears, at least. While he’s still playing the role of “Shades” in the Thunderzone Band, Gookin keeps dropping that solo gold.

“Sneak Out” is a different beast than the previously mentioned EP, but you’d expect a bit of growth over six years, and the track is definitely more in line with Gookin 2k15. This one’s still got that electro vibe, but here it’s more of a bedroom electronic/pop-punk/stoner anthem sound. On first listen I had my eyebrows up all like The Rock, thinking, what the fuck am I hearing right now, but Gookin’s a man who knows the pop game, and “Sneak Out” flows with a positive energy that’s in line with the anything goes ethos of Juiceboxxx’s Thunderzone operations. So sit back, shotgun an energy drink, and bask in the Friday night vibes of D. Gookin’s newest jam.

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