♫♪  Darren Keen - It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Welcome

Without a doubt, Darren Keen has a tasty sugar reserve deeply embedded within his coarse, auburn, sticky strands of beard hair. I mean, the producers’ hidden and decaying chin presumably proves this. That is, after repeats of It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Welcome over the last few days, this must be surmised. With each infinality speed-up note/hit/sound, a rush of immediacy is propelled into NEXUS levels of manufactured reality. Truly, this is next-level shit for Darren. And that also means it is next-level shit for the rest of us. Newness abound, y’all!

Experimental music isn’t/hasn’t been known for having a grounded, definable, or smooth take on reality, but with everything Orange Milk releases (btw It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Welcome is out today via Orange Milk), a basis for understanding/reality gets re-defined further and further into an understandable/reality-based freshness. Or rather, the whole shit gets expanded and twisted, and you better keep up. To begin to understand, one must put themselves outside of themselves, right? Kinda like imagining you have a sugar beard, ya know? So, like I said, on this new tape/digi album, awareness and sensibility are heightened to a super run of a side-scroller mash-ups and genius, and you better begin to let go of what you normally think, and you should prolly start actually thinking.

Sensation yourself on a new axis, and let Darren Keen turn you upside down, below:

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