♫♪  De Leon - /​\​\​08

Aught is an admirable label. It’s low key on PR. There’s nothing forcing you to listen. Tapes come in ultra limited numbers. They give you the exact length of reel, photographed as each release’s cover art. No information on the artist via Bandcamp or SoundCloud. And remains on the upper-hand, forming a collective (than just any ordinary discography) by entitling each release with numbers. Thus, their newest, /​\​\​08 by De Leon, is unspeakably complimentary to the Aught package (4x5” poly bag).

The Bandcamp tags read below De Leon’s /\08, “experimental computer music data noise synth techno.” This [I believe is for every Aught release (which, lemme check right-quick; sorta, it changes on one or two releases)] makes me feel both reluctant and faithful in exactly those sounds happening in /\08. Like, there could’ve totally been a bugged out percussion troupe out at De Leon’s studio for recording one day, dropping all this down live-style, straight to mic. OR, this entire bit could be a project in extreme midi 4D array, disguised in acoustic sampling, fluctuating with the most pensively-piercing synthetic back tones, making /\08 exactly data noise experimented through computer music in a synth-techno mindset, but with dropped-/bombed-out coordination, as if the samples were algorithm’d randomly and abstractly thrown upon a digital canvas. /\08 is a truly brilliant piece of work; De Leon just might be one-stroke away from the life preserver.

Aught understands the modern era of music making, thus below is /\08 by De Leon streaming in FULL, so have a listen after you head to the label’s Bandcamp page and purchase yourself a little bit of maniac paradise!

• Aught: https://soundcloud.com/aught0101

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