♫♪  Dreamcrusher - “Trapdoor”

Generally, I’m a fan of Dreamcrusher. The noiser stuff produced throughout the Dreamcrusher discography has been real helpful to me at various points in my recent life. The gravitational pull of THE LOUDEST SOUNDS gives my initial intention of reacting physically upon ALL my misfortune, failures, and foolishness helps me submit to the thought-process at hand, eventually overcoming it. And as noisy as Hackers All Of Them Hackers can get, it displaces Dreamcrusher from one part of my mind to another in a way that only Russian Tsarlag and Secret Boyfriend have previously open nodes to audibly. Sort of like a presentation or display of self, Dreamcrusher is on a spoken-word croon vibe in Hackers All Of Them Hackers that provides a sort of sentimentality to the dirgey depths of searing and overwhelming instrumecussion.

As heard in “Trapdoor,” Dreamcrusher visually portrays a venture in absorption of overarching art in Hackers All Of Them Hackers: the beauty of something so fire, slowly recognizing the devastating effects that wick within fragments of memories, flayed upon the mind that must all at once accept the current situation, while simultaneously finding the uniqueness of devastation fascinating. Fire Talk Records found this fascination in Dreamcrusher’s works as well, and is offering Hackers All Of Them Hackers on cassette RIGHT NOW!

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