♫♪  Druid Cloak - “Chronotaurs (Translated by Giant Claw)”

Druid Cloak (a.k.a. Joseph Morris) gathered a group of friends and got them to translate 2014’s Lore: Book One for the aptly titled Lore Translations: Book One. (Book Two came out when Spring 2015 peaked, and the framework for Book Three is still in its infancy.) Each book will eventually have an accompanying translation, but the first of the three is already dropping next month on the Druid Cloak-run label Apothecary Compositions, which recently brought us Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum’s Zicornia Dynasty and Bangkok Snobiety’s To The New Era.

One of the eight artists brought on by Morris for Book One is TMT Gold Card member Giant Claw, whose DARK WEB brought home the #7 spot on our Favorite Music Releases of 2014 feature. The track that Giant Claw took on was the frosty “Chronotaurs,” and what he delivers is definitely attuned to his DARK WEB lens and self-sketched plunderphonic rosetta stone (see below). Here, “Chronotaurs” is broken down to the shell of its original form, slimmed down by buildups and isolations, and repackaged in a space akin to an Escherian wet dream.

Lore Translations: Book One, which also features Throwing Snow, Strict Face, Spurz, Broshuda, City, Silkersoft and Morkebla, is officially out August 7 and currently up for early DL and limited-edition CD pre-order. Lore Translations: Book Two is in the works now, so stayed tuned.

• Giant Claw: https://giantclaw.bandcamp.com
• Druid Cloak: http://www.druidcloak.com
• Apothecary Compositions: http://www.apothecary-compositions.com

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