♫♪  Euglossine - “Pretzles”

Perpetual creator Euglossine (who recently designed the cover of Will Simmons’s latest work and co-produced the cover art for Darren Keen’s It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Welcome) is getting a second round of pats on the back from Apothecary Compositions and tape fans alike with the repressing/redubbing of last November’s Puzzle Gallery. The cassettes were purple last time, but now we get “white” or “smoke.”

We’re also getting a li’l gift with it! One of Puzzle Gallery’s more sporadic tracks “Pretzles” has a music video attached to it from the same creator of the album’s art FillMember (a.k.a. TEN). We float along in the search for or quest through those salty sticks, or soft baked goodies — no discrimination here. A legged blob box squirms by a dog, befriending it, and sharing its hip modernist room. The animated frame-by-frame style is innocent and evokes a similar kind of warmth that we get from Euglossine’s music.

Grab the repressing of Puzzle Gallery here, and watch the video for “Pretzles,” which we have the pleasure of premiering below.

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