♫♪  Euglossine - Sharp Time

None of this is an accident, but intention is more of a passionate movement, yes. Like a persistency that’s less dogged than it is insistent strive to perfection. Deliberate practice producing outcomes like rainbows of sonic journeys into the trepidacious mind: fear not! A close call; some Sharp Time. Nodes to squeeze on Orange Milk Records, and vinyl to spin by Euglossine (a.k.a.
Squiggle Dot CCO).

Lather in the braided layers surrounding coagulation. Melodies contorted to operate in weaving eco-systems, almost modular, but formulaic; like order built around a natural reoccurrence. Becoming the plastic planet we’re doomed to become. Is this time now? This is Sharp Time by Euglossine, presented by Orange Milk Records. Absorb it, thru-&-thru:

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