♫♪  Evan Caminiti - “A Memory or a Mirage”

Last month, we posted Evan Caminiti’s video for “Returning Spirits,” a track off his new album Night Dust on Immune. As our scribe Strauss described it, “Caminiti once burned the Earth, but here he sets blue fire to the soul. Hear it glow.”

This glow, persistent as it is, continues in “A Memory or a Mirage,” swelling up and down, twisting, turning, folding in on itself. Heard from deep within is a lone guitar, weeping like a dweller on the threshold, surrendering eventually as it becomes increasingly consumed by the thick fog of noise. The song’s video, featuring images once again sourced by Caminiti (Barn Owl, Higuma) from YouTube, is less a narrative complement to the music as a breaking apart of the mind, where image and sound reach a mutual disconnect that indeed reflects both memory and mirage.

Night Dust is out now on LP and cassette via Immune Recordings. Look for a follow-up, Dreamless Sleep, this August on Thrill Jockey, and then keep looking, because Caminiti has released yet another new one, Not Here Not There, his first album under both a new moniker Painted Caves and his own imprint, Dust Editions.

• Evan Caminiti: http://www.electrictotem.com/?cat=15
• Immune: http://immunerecordings.net
• Painted Caves: http://paintedcaves.tumblr.com

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