♫♪  Félicia Atkinson - “You Have To Have Eyes”

The toasty early summer days have given way to a break this week of clouds, a little mist, and a more generally moody, broody atmosphere where I live. It’s a perfect time to get lost in this new Félicia Atkinson tune, “You Have to Have Eyes.” When I tune in it sounds like smoking cigarettes alone on front porch, only to realize you’re in a dream. At first you’re sitting next to your partner, talking as usual, but suddenly you’re alone, the stillness of the night creeping around you, and all you hear are Félicia’s mysterious words echoing in your brain as the droning sounds take hold. Right now I’m sitting alone, typing these words out as the song’s grim sci-fi noir vibe comes back, transporting me to that state of lucid dreaming or slightly foggy consciousness. Either way, it’s gonna be a long day, but “You Have to Have Eyes” will get me into and, eventually, through the darkness.

“You Have to Have Eyes” is streaming below in anticipation of The Flower And The Vessel, out July 5 via Shelter Press. Vinyl and digital assets are available for pre-order.

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