♫♪  Form A Log - “Prime Suspect”

Sneaking behind the housing construction, up along side the hill to see the skyline fading into night, there’s a beat pulsating atop the leafy mount, and a flicker of light licking the air with a chard scent. Ascending the the peak, there are three dudes fiddling with pieces of machinery that are spouting off sounds and are hooked to a power cord that’s hooked to a stretch of multiple extension cords that is plugged to somewhere across from the housing construction in the junk yard. Then, it becomes apparent that these backward vocals and slowed swaying sweltering beats are part of a ritual, as the shadows sitting on fallen trees around these fellahs are actually silhouettes of people, and a plume from the fire and announces the trio meddling in sound voodoo as Form A Log. But quickly, the plume turns to you with a sharp, but oozing/dripping purple face and yells, “Prime Suspect!!!!”

Running now frantically down the hill as a cloud is closely chancing you, you scope your cellphone for more information on Form A Log, and find this info, and hold up a peace sign, but the cloud becomes bigger. Then you find this on Bathetic Records’ Facebook profile picture. But lastly, this post pops up, and you realize YOU being “Prime Suspect” in Form A Log’s ritual was something written in the starts (NOT TMZ, either), and are disappointed you never read Tiny Mix Tapes more frequently.

If you’re still alive, scope the ritualistic new LP For The Record by Form A Log (who our newest Grinder Rick Weaver is involved in) via Bathetic Records NOW, and bare witness to their first incantation “Prime Suspect” below:

• Form A Log: https://soundcloud.com/form-a-log
• Bathetic Records: http://batheticrecords.com

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