♫♪  Future Museums - Tapestry of Time and Terrain / Pleasure Cruise

The Austin-based psychedelic trio Future Museums have been building their own vision of the Garden of Delights comfortably tucked away in the cozy confines of the underground, presenting their oeuvre on their Bandcamp page, offering everything for free download in a truly hippy move. After hitting some sensitive ears set for lulling, liquidy ambient rock in the right way, they landed a cooperation with Fire Talk Records, who decided to put all that digital goodness into a solid, material form by releasing a super-limited cassette containing their two previous recordings, Tapestry Of Time and Terrain and Pleasure Cruise. The tape, which a nice move to introduce Future Museums to the wider audience, is also accompanied by a video, aptly named “Introducing,” featuring members of the band performing concerts, recordings, and being everyday people in everyday life. It’s set to the music from the album, offering a peek at the reverb-drenched and inconspicuously trippy soundworld of Future Museums.

And now, a special message from my editor, C Monster:

Get em while they hot, dear readers, listeners, and collectors. This release serves as a precursor to the Future Museums’ LP coming out late this summer on Fire Talk, so don’t miss out on the reel NOW, unless you want to go straight digital. But whichever your listening kick, get ready to glide. Like that moment in a science fiction movie when someone is put into a vat of liquid, but is still able to breath, Future Museums preserve and sustain that same sort of unbelievable, life-affirming lax-luxury that lightens the load of any stressful encounter. Legit, Tapestry of Time and Terrain and Pleasure Cruise is proof music is holistic and can heal even the harshest of agita. Go get yourself some spicy food, sit on down to the ambient, post-kraut melodies of Future Museums, and effortlessly find your definition of the digital age on the introspective side. Everything digests just right.

S/O to TMT fav director Melissa Cha, btw!

The double cassette — limited to 10 — may be purchased here, and if you want Tapestry of Time and Terrain and Pleasure Cruise digitally, click-it-out to the Future Museums’s Bandcamp link below:

• Future Museums: https://www.facebook.com/futuremuseums
• Fire Talk Records: http://firetalkrecs.com

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