Goldrush Music Festival
2013 Companion Cassette [Side A]

For the good, nothing ever changes. Maybe that’s not true. But having bought tickets already for Denver’s Goldrush Music Festival — a fest by our very own Strauss that features the likes of Noveller, Rene Hell, Lee Noble, MV & EE, and many, many more — you’re now left in a cloud of baited anticipation. Walking ‘round work with ‘em sticking out ya shirt pocket, and you sippin’ coffee, winkin’ at the window’s reflection, and thinking about all the out-there sounds you about to explore September 27 and 28.

Quickly, you check your phone for recording applications to bootleg some sick live jammers, but remember, in addition to a festival zine, you get a free Goldrush Festival 2013 Companion Cassette from Planted Tapes at the door with a purchase of a 2-day pass! Yo, but it’s edition of 300… if only 295 people go to Goldrush, what’ll they do with the rest of em? Look, imaginary voice in my head, that text is now ONLINE and IN ITALICS (so this makes me crazy, right?), which means there is no need to worry: Planted Tapes is selling ‘em on their site for those who can’t make it out. In fact, peeps unable to attend can pre-order they’s tapes NOW, which deliver October 1!

Anyhoot, Side A of the Goldrush Festival 2013 Companion Cassette is available for streaming below, so enjoy until Side B is out next FriFri:

[00:00] Noveller - “Completing the Cube Ambient”
[02:20] Scammers - “Planet Earth”
[06:04] mole people - “Bloodletting”
[08:45] Hideous Men - “Gray Eyes”
[12:31] Lee Noble - “Woman in the Dunes”
[15:30] Comfort Link - “Threading the Brown Snake”
[22:40] Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive feat. Heather Treadway - “eight”
[27:16] M. Sage - “Expedition Blues Ascender”
[30:26] Derek Rogers - “Live at Los Globos, 8/6/2013 (excerpt)”
[37:03] Paw Paw - “Lost Dream”

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