♫♪  Goldrush Music Festival - 2013 Companion Cassette [Side B]

One of the most earnest things you can experience is witnessing people converse in a language neither party is native to speaking. The situation is so genuinely endearing that the development of the conversation becomes that of voyeuristic intrigue, and then you pump your gas full, drop the cap, bend over to pick it up, and your Goldrush Festival 2013 Companion Cassette pops out your shirt pocket, landing on Side B. And helllll yes, it’s reeled to and ready to begin.

SMASH CUT TO: September 27 and 28, 2013, sittin’ on a stool at Sidewinder Tavern or Crash 45, and you trying to talk to your best new pal while ringing rips through your ears after [anyone on this list] just pummeled your psyche, and neither of you know whether it’s noon or midnight. But it don’t matter, ‘cause the language of smiling and laughing is way deeper than just observation. Yet, making the trip out to Colorado and being a part of a culture that people are all in and out and transient feels good in connection to natural enjoyment, happily honing in new auras and vibrations.

So, in continuation with last week’s Side A of the Goldrush Festival 2013 Companion CassetteGoldrush Music Festival, by the way, is being put on by our very own Strauss and features the likes of Cop Circles, Giant Claw, Lee Noble, Derek Rogers, Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive, and a birth-load more — Tiny Mix Tapes is proud to introduce Side B! Two-day passes are still available, which includes a free Goldrush Festival 2013 Companion Cassette, but iffin’ ya can’t make it out and still wanna grip a tape, hit up Planted Tapes to pre-order one now, shipping October 1!

In the meantime, hit up that young Side B below:

[00:00] Cop Circles - “Sound Delivery”
[04:00] Accordion Crimes - “Ivey”
[07:32] Lee Dockery - “Drop”
[11:40] Saguache - “Discovery Bell”
[18:04] Giant Claw - “Jersey Christ”
[24:29] Pythian Whispers - “Séance Frequency”
[29:20] The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact feat. Crawford Philleo - “Vibe Drone 2”
[36:20] MV & EE - “Green is the Colour”

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