♫♪  Guerilla Toss - “Diamond Girls (Giant Claw Remix)”

Last week, Dan “The Automated Teller Machine” Smart let loose in his steamy exposé about the “electro-funk-punx” of Guerilla Toss, with info on a new video, tour, and a remix EP with none other than musician/business man/nanny/homewrecker Giant Claw. This week, we at TMT have the pleasure of premiering a brand new song from that five-track EP.

A retooling of Eraser Stargazer’s lead single, “Diamond Girls (Giant Claw Remix)” begins with an electric shock, then turns into a December twirl of MIDI arpeggiations, disco, and lumps of the original’s stems, all with that signature Giant Claw sense about it.

Listen to the track below, and look for Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss, out today on DFA.

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