♫♪  HDmirror - “FLOAT”

Dealing with the system.
Hyper-visual play of linguistic internet-euphoria.
Hi-rez rush of real, raw stuff, of Easter egg after Easter egg.

Hiddeness, there, or a thereness, hidden, amongst all of us, online, thru this mechanism called clicking. & moreover without a dying body to lug. Enmeshed in this hyperobject. A thing so large its vastness unsettles. So large the eye can’t compress. So large that navigation stupefies.

Or maybe not. The mirage-self becomes the ideological-self, online. Maybe Heaven exists on the Mariana’s Web. Maybe the government wants you to get cancer, to distract yourself day-by-day with social media and Netflix, to spend the vast majority of your time making enough money so that you can pay rent & bills, buy food & products that make you happy, feel complete.

HDmirror rebels against all of that by proposing us to enter this system &, incognito, pretend like nothing can go wrong. Play the game, your whole life, with the government. Enter the hyperobject. Click on the link. Take the pill. Float. Float for the rest of your life.

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