♫♪  HKE - SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God

First: SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God by HKE is out on BLCR Laboratories!!!

Second: This is just the start of a S7V7N-part series by the micro-genre metamorphosing, reptilian ringleader; please, refer to this extensive guide by Marcel.

Third: SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God is in edition of 111.

Four: Actually, edition of 108 because I bought three (one for myself, and two for [two very lucky Tiny Mix Tapes writers]). #guilt #guile #integrity #god

Five: One must wonder if the statement SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God concurs with female wisdom and prosperity inevitably conquering the Earth realm.

Six: Is there a screenplay tell-all companion piece at the end of HKE’s career, please?

Seven: If you haven’t clicked on the below link yet —like— then, WTF, “getcha life:”

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