♫♪  Honnda - “Maraschino Mic Drop” (dir. Will Rahilly)

A note on sculpture:

“Sculpture” is an art form dating back to the prehistoric area. It’s a plastic art. Sculpture operates in three (3) dimensions.

I’m going to venture that you know this already. Maybe you’ve even made your own sculpture before. In elementary school? Art class? Working with clay? Something like that?

Now, I’m no sculpture artist myself, but I DO know that sculptures are fragile. They’re prone to breaking because people make them out of marble, or porcelain, or, I don’t know, ice, which are all far from pliable. I asked earlier whether you’ve made a sculpture, but my real question is: have you ever broken one? It’s not a great feeling. I broke a sculpture of a gnome once, when I was seven years old, running around my aunt’s house, bumped into a shelf, knocking over, along with some books and other trinkets, a small gnome sculpture. Shattered. To pieces. Gone. A tragedy, really. I cried but my aunt didn’t seem to care. She’s a nice person. But I broke someone’s art. What’s worse than destroying someone’s art?

Unless, of course, the destruction itself is the art. Which does happen. Especially in the post-modern era where, as you know, anything goes. Animated 3-D worlds, in which sculptures are far more dispensable by virtue of being non-excludable, non-rival virtual goods, are especially useful for the practice. No one loses out when a vase is shattered, because one can quite easily hit command + Z and un-break the vase. You know what I mean? It’s a win-win. Or a lose-win, depending on how you look at it. You can create infinite destruction without actual destruction. Weird, huh?

Confused? Sorry. Luckily, I have a clear example for you: a Tiny Mix Tapes Premiere of Honnda’s Maraschino Mic Drop music video, directed by Will Rahilly. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “what the heck does a music video have to do with all this sculpture nonsense?!” But just hear me out. Watch the video. It takes the viewer into an art gallery. And guess what’s inside it? Sculptures, of course! The art form dating back to the prehistoric era, the art form that operates in three dimensions! One is of a heart, another a two-headed horse, etc., and they all have these ornate blue patterns, and they’re sitting on top of columns that have spines, and the columns seem to be alive because they start bleeding and moving, knocking the sculptures over, and as they shatter onto the ground, Honnda’s music POUNDS in the background. It’s a scene of pulsating chaos, a whirr, a cacophony, pandemonium!

My point? Don’t get distracted by Will Rahilly’s sculptures in the video above. Focus on what he does to them, what happens to them, in his 3-D rendered world, as Honnda rips your ears into oblivion. Reflect on what that means to you. And don’t forget: Maraschino Mic Drop is out on Orange Milk right this very moment. Check that out here.

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