♫♪  Hvad - “Bleeding Grey Wall”

Last Thursday, Rabit’s Halcyon Veil imprint released a compilation curated by Jim C. Nedd of Milan-based club night Progresso. The comp, titled Conspiración Progresso, features key yet understated players in electronic dance music’s vanguard, including DJ Nigga Fox, Bekelé Berhanu, Zutzut, and Draveng.

Hvad, a Copenhagen artist, Janus affiliate, and owner of Danish label Syg Nok, offers a track too. Titled “Bleeding Grey Wall,” the four-minute cut comes off delightfully unbalanced, stuttering through passages with dizzying rhythms and stripped-down production, with only a periodic pulse offering relief. Otherwise, it’s all rubber ‘round the waist, metal in the molars, chunky bass triplets finding awkward expression against the track’s warped flexing.

Listen to the track below, and grab the limited 12-inch here.

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