♫♪  Jason Lescalleet - “An Archaic Code”

The chem trails have seeped in when clouds cross in the sky, the landscape and sunset smear, and dark tears streak cheeks. Wiping at one, in a blur, but it doesn’t help the feeling of being simply upset. So, relax. Have a seat on this here log and enjoy these moments as they blissfully waste life. Not that this is death, no, but that time in every person’s life for rejuvenation. Thy mind weeps with colors, while juicing, flooding, and numbing all perception as a whole; one-being of thinking. Everyone is calm. Nobody complains anymore. Mind-poison is “An Archaic Code” to a consensus solution.

And everyone associates poison with something bad. Let’s take a step back here and find point A within point B. The Archaic Architecture, if you will. What makes this poison create cooperation? From what plant or from under what rock was this poison extracted? Does it populate the natural state of most everything inhuman? This is real. This is in our minds and sounds and matter. This feels venomous, but important. Like being drunk, only awhile afloat, so physics don’t matter. Thus, this log upon you is post-nature. Human is the soil now. Root all that is perpetual into the mind. Become the world’s key to… “Yo, that’s my boiii Jason Lescallet. Aye, Jason!? Toby and Matt poppin your new c40 today, yeah? That’s so ill, my dude! ”

Jason Lescallet’s new cassette, Archaic Architecture, is out now on NNA Tapes.

• Jason Lescallet: http://lescalleet.wordpress.com
• NNA Tapes: http://nnatapes.com

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