♫♪  Jason Lescalleet - “Autumn Leaves (October 2014)”

The work of Maine-­dwelling sound auteur Jason Lescalleet is regarded (in solo and collaborative capacities) as smoldering from a palette of looping, sampling, warping, and various other methods of obfuscation. Within its expansive gradient is a multitude of sketches, remixes, and ephemera that have been manipulated, discarded, and rediscovered over time. Conceptually, these works are as integral to his catalog as his major releases themselves. In accord, Lescalleet’s new monthly series, titled This Is What I Do, is his proclamatory, praxis-­oriented approach to presenting previously unreleased work. These tracks are crystallized from the dimensions, iterations, and styles through different eras. Through Bandcamp­-released editions (via his own Glistening Examples imprint), Lescalleet has fashioned his own model of affording the listener an accessible, workshop­-style vantage point into his process, consequently exposing a new territory of nuance and complexity.

The first track of This Is What I Do -­ Volume Two is “Autumn Leaves (October 2014),” an 18-­minute voyage mirroring his own sensory reaction to the autumnal environment. The piece defines a cavernous and metallic zone, and manifests his ability to extrapolate heady intensity from the recontextualized found sound and recording. The trajectory of the composition swells gradually and almost surreptitiously; the listener is suddenly magnetized toward an unknown center of gravity (and perhaps privy to a space that is not meant to be seen or heard). Lescalleet’s signature attention to detail and texture is present, and cinematically so; this track is a portal to a lush, desolate Tarkovsky­-esque landscape (or lack thereof).

Witness his live performance on the following dates:

11.07.14 - Somerville, MA ­ - Hassle Fest VI (156 Highland Ave.) *
11.08.14 - Montréal, QC ­ - La Vitrola ­(4602 Boulevard Saint­Laurent) *
11.09.14 - Toronto, ON ­ - Double Double Land ­ (209 Augusta Ave.) *
11.10.14 - Detroit, MI ­ - Trinosophes ­(1464 Gratiot Ave.) *
11.11.14 - Lafayette, IN ­ - The Spot ­(409 S 4th St. Wednesday)
11.12.14 - Cleveland OH ­ - Now That’s Class ­ (11213 Detroit Ave.)
11.13.14 - Albany, NY ­ - Upstate Artist’s Guild ­ (247 Lark Street)
11.28.14 - Mexico City, Mexico - Festival del Bosque Germinal *

* Kevin Drumm & Jason Lescalleet

• Jason Lescalleet: http://lescalleet.wordpress.com
• Glistening Examples: http://glisteningexamples.bandcamp.com

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