♫♪  Jerry Paper - “Real. Now. Love.”

Boris Vian’s novel L’Ecume des Jours features two main characters, Colin and his wife Chloe. In one line, Colin is asked what he does, since he does not work. His reply: “I learn things. And I love Chloe.” It’s one of the many great injustices of late capitalism that, despite the vast technical resources at our disposal, we still work all day, we work more than ever and at love’s expense. Don’t ask Jerry Paper about his “dream job.” He has no dream job, only dreams, and his occupation is love. His day to day consists of daydreaming the moment when he’ll be reunited with his beloved, and sometimes those daydreams grow so strong that they turn into songs, as in his newest track “Real. Now. Love.”

Like most of his music, Jerry uses the vessel of the pop song to convey this emotion. If at first, the music seems difficult, consider the possibility that it’s simply because there’s no one else in the game with his sound. Smartly orchestrated Encarta-pop keyboard loops juxtaposed against heartbreaking iceberg-method lyrics, sung in a vocal style set pretty far back in the mix so as to reward the listener who pays attention. Other songwriters show-off with entire novels in a single song and leave us scratching our heads, while Jerry says a few words and leaves us holding our hearts.

Throughout the video, material things constantly leave Jerry unfulfilled. He has a kitchen full of appliances, but cooking for one isn’t so much fun. He has a nice TV, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. He has a computer which only brings him stress. The lone object that puts a smile on his face is a picture of his lover, a reminder of their imminent arrival. He does a bit of yoga, but can’t seem to concentrate. Why clear your mind when your lover could be running through it instead? And in they walk, all scaly and green - they’re home safe. I’ve missed you - I can’t wait to hear about your day. But first, a kiss. Firstness. Real, not doubted. Now, not promised. Love, not pretending.

Like real life, the little things are what make this track so great. The lil’ high pan flute note that signifies the restarting of the main loop, the unassuming bass line dutifully chugging along for the greater good, the gleefully nasal-y vowel pronunciation, the beloved’s post-it on the fridge. Now. Love. Here.

Aren’t 3-D videos, like, really hard to make? Especially of this scope? Big, big ups to the (count ‘em) SIX people — headed by Campbell Logan — at Club Spa who made this video happen. Less than a week into 2015 and we’ve already got a front-runner for VOTY! Check out more of their stuff at their site and grip Jerry Paper’s new album Big Pop For Chameleon World from Orange Milk Records, or digitally from his Bandcamp.

• Jerry Paper: http://jerrypaper.bandcamp.com
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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