♫♪  John Chantler - “Dismantled Cabaret”

The typical way in which cattle/bulls communicate is through a high frequency rate of aural disruption. Thus, when these cattle herd, they communicate slightly, as each of their clouds of being are slightly touching those around them. However, if they grizzle up on the horn lock, deep topics of future land deterioration, crop areas that will thrive, gravitational drift and pull, mud to hide cleansing, etc. beings to flourish in conversation. To the untrained viewer, or shall I write listener, this conversation looks like playing or fighting; it looks as though it’s something simple and trite. However, there’s more that’s melding within the confines of these beings, and the less you really think about it by opening your mind and ears up to nothing much at all, the better a chance you’ll have of catching some of these bits of thought-sound.

John Chantler recently did a study in this via “Dismantled Cabaret.” Maybe. Actually, all that stuff about the cattle isn’t really true. Again, maybe. BUT this fresh cut off John Chantler’s newest album Even Clean Hands Damage The Work on Room 40 is some filthily inspired sound sludge. Imagine three contortionist avant dancers interpreting to “Dismantled Cabaret” while an audience just feasts on the most dissected foods cooked barely to a steam, and glares are at an all time crystallized glaze. So, if you’re thinking of staring into the abyss of some nasty layered drizzzzones, then grip the digital or clear limited vinyl copy of Even Clean Hands Damage The Work on Room 40 ASAP. There’s a conversation here:

• John Chantler: http://inventingzero.net
• Room 40: http://room40.org

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