♫♪  JPEGMAFIA - “Man Purse”

I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump” was a modest proposal for 2016, its video depicting JPEGMAFIA, Freaky, and co. rolling through suburbia like an invading force road-testing an aural assault — a premeditated countermeasure for waiting riot squads’ LRAD sound cannons. How does one follow that? Well-armed, of course, but also lit, as in incendiary — both meanings.

Premiering below, and harder to unpack than a barbed wire-wrapped Christmas gift, is the video for “Man Purse,” the actual followup to “I Might Vote,” wherein JPEG (may I call you “JPEG?”) finds himself back at home, posted up in the rowhouses, ruins and ruinous outskirts of Charm. Fellow Bmore transplant and TMT heartthrob Jana Hunter (Lower Dens) makes an appearance, playing the wall.

The song is off JPEGMAFIA’s upcoming album Veteran, due in the fall on Deathbomb Arc. Kleptocracy has been in effect; go get a late pass, step!

Simon says, “pick up a goddamn brick.”

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