♫♪  Kane Pour - “Aquarium Pinball”

Kane Pour (Pospulenn, Tricorn and Queue, half of Orchal and Vir etc.) is readying his Elestial Sound solo debut, Hyper Pollen Temple

Kane’s earlier solo projects laid in something more haunting, more dark-eyed. Songs like “Safe In The Ceder Alcove” and “Farther Twig and Grasshopper Song” off 2010’s Sun People Sleepwalker sat near an encapsulating, delay-fed post-rock minimalism. Flipped, his Housecraft Records release a year earlier, saw more nature-sewn textures. Take it’s first track “A1,” a perpetual daze centered around what sounds like a rusted swing set; it’s soft, lulled.

But three years is a long ass time, man.

The future is now and Kane Pour has re-emerged under a rising sun. Hyper Pollen Temple is his first full release to utilize sequenced beats and synthesizers. The first track off HPT, “Aquarium Pinball,” embraces this new height of playfulness showcased in brief on Elestial Sound’s 2013 compilation under his Pospulenn moniker.

The album, co-produced by friend and frequent collaborator Tristan Whitehill a.k.a. Euglossine (the other half of Orchal and Vir, an aforementioned Elestial Sound mainstay), is out November 15 on cassette and digital. Go ‘head and cop it, bruh.

• Kane Pour: http://www.elestialsound.com/kane-pour
• Kane Pour: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1468450-Kane-Pour
• Elestial Sound: http://www.elestialsound.com

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