♫♪  Kasper Bjørke - “TNR” feat. Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Superpitcher Chapter B Remix)

Superpitcher gave Kasper Bjørke a buzzcut with his remix of “TNR.” Make that a buzzcut with cowbell. And “Superpitcher” stenciled into the right side of its scalp like a high school basketball star. This is a pump-up jam for the lava lamp free diving olympic finals.

While Bjørke has significantly scaled back the club anthems on his upcoming album “After Forever,” (which, ironically, will be released on September 22nd, leaving us to speculate about how humanity will be brought to an end on September 23rd.) Superpitcher endeavors to subvert the subverter by taking the inverse of Bjørke’s track i.e a slithering, gradual house belter well-suited for one’s eccy come-up in an old WWII bunker turned club or massive bombproof stronghold. Bjørke’s intention was to move from the funk infused sounds of his previous work towards icy, new wave disco. Good remixes are like peer reviews: they fill in the gaps in the essence of a song by realizing what the artist could have done. Should cowbell be mandatory in every new new new wave dance track? Or should it be banished to hell on the 100% for certain date of the next apocalypse.

• Kasper Bjørke: http://www.kasperbjorke.com
• Jaakko Eino Kalevi: https://soundcloud.com/jeks
• Superpitcher: http://www.kompakt.fm/artists/superpitcher
• hfn: http://www.hfn-music.com

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