Jaakko Eino Kalevi announces new album Out of Touch, remains in-touch enough to share new video

Jaakko Eino Kalevi announces new album Out of Touch, remains in-touch enough to share new video
Photo: Maxime Imbert

All of our mommas told us to eat our veggies. But what did we do instead? We figured out how to hide them in our napkins and throw them out (or pawn them off to the dog) when no one was looking. It hasn’t paid off. Our relationship with vegetables doesn’t only have to do with getting those sweet, sweet nutrients; now that we’re adults, we’ve got no idea what to do at the local grocery either. Many of us (okay, most) put on this ridiculous pantomime where we squeeze each avocado in the display to figure if it’s ripe or not. Come on. Who do you think you’re fooling?

Thanks be to VeggieTales that Jaakko Eino Kalevi is doing something about it! His surreal video is actually a way to get the next generation back to eating their leafy greens. KIDS LOVE WEALTH. Think about it: if we had come up with the idea of putting jewels into veggies decades ago, we wouldn’t have this whole dang obesity epidemic. The White House Vegetable Garden can only take us so far.

The Finnish songwriter’s second effort for Weird World is Out of Touch, which is just a succinct way of expressing how topsy-turvy this whole green-and-blue globus has gotten. The album is his fifth solo outing, and he plays every instrument on the entire thing. Sounds like someone ate his veggies back in the day.

Get weird October 12; but for now, watch the completely normal video for “Emotions in Motion,” shot by Ieva Kabasinskaite in Paris, below:

Out of Touch tracklisting:

01. China Eddie
02. Emotions in Motion
03. Outside
04. This World
05. Ballad of a Cloud
06. Night Chef
07. Conceptual Mediterranean (Part 1)
08. People in the Centre of the City
09. Fortune Cookie
10. Lullaby

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