♫♪  Kool Keith - “Super Hero” ft. MF DOOM (L’Orange Remix)

What if superheroes walked among us? This question, the basis of every other graphic knockoff since Watchmen definitively answered it in 1986-87, has over the past few years made its way to every other comic book adaptation for the big and small screens, the inherent hypocrisy of a kajillion-dollar morality appeal stuck to the back of our tongues like the kind of popcorn kernels that make you want to swear off the snack for good.

Mainstream cinema’s take — essentially, “Mad people would die and it would be like, sad” — is not-so-surprisingly far less compelling than the multiversal reality explored by Marvel foes Viktor Vaughn and Doctor Oc on “Super Hero.” However, it took a classy variant edition by plotting poet/producer L’Orange to reveal to me that DOOM here rapped about attending a “heroes hustlers convention,” at which Puck from Alpha Flight received an award “for illest midget he-hermaphrodite whose pants was tight who dance aight.”

The remix, premiering below, also made me realize that Keith’s verse reinforces a point he raised in our interview about separating reality from fiction; “Spiderman is shopping at Walmart, you know?” So bag, board, stream below and download here.

Kool Keith’s most recent album, Feature Magnetic, includes the original version of “Super Hero” and is out now on Mello Music Group. L’Orange’s new Koala EP is available from his Bandcamp and was included in TMT’s Favorite Rap Mixtapes of November & December 2016. Meanwhile, across the pond, MF DOOM still hasn’t started a petition for Obama to pardon the Villain, but sources do indicate that King Geedorah may have telepathically engineered Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance.

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