♫♪  Kyle - “Never Forget”

Something that struck me recently was from Billy on the Street when Billy was interviewing this girl, who had toured the Freedom Tower earlier that day, from the Mid-West, and turned out to be super Catholic, to which Billy called out for being a virgin in the 9/11 memorial, but also he recalled never having been there. If you live in New York City, there’s really no reason to just be like, “Yo, let’s goto the Freedom Tower and 9/11 memorial this weekend. *Smile Emoji*” Unless it’s the anniversary.

Or you’re Kyle. And super clever at fucking with people’s psychology. Because so-what if you’re phone’s photo storage is full from your visit and the pool they have there in a square. Kyle is uniquely concocting a “too-soon” mentality to something way more of an ultimate, overarching statement of truth: memory is important for everything. It’s not about the rerun episodes or remakes, the remixed 45-minute long jock club street-jam, the kitche nostalgia of [whenever you grew up], no. Love and happiness and sunshine is something we can all observe and feel and witness together on a daily basis. Finding serenity is important. History!

It’s about my time working at the 9/11 museum over the last year. It was shot over a period of nine months and sort of works as a vlog/collage of my time there. As a sort of DIY/amateur pop star I really want to use materials from my real life to make songs and videos and that’s what I did with this video.

It’s also about memory making, memorialization, loss, and also a bit about the condition of work under capitalism.

thanks to spencer for producing this song
and to julie for doing most of the photography
The backup dancers are Melo from MALLRAT and Judy Iocovozzi
dedicated to anyone who’s ever been my coworker

Kyle’s “Never Forget” is available on Bandcamp and everywhere (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) soon.

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