♫♪  Kyle - “Stay 4Ever”

Kyle is very clever. I was introduced to Kyle when Jeff Dunham Ravioli sent me a link to the new video, “Stay 4Ever.” It took me more than an hour of repeat views to figure out that the entirety of Kyle’s aesthetic boils down to the whisper of “Subscribe” in the beginning of the song. Like, think about listening to “Stay 4Ever” for an hour and a half on repeat — it’s catchy as all heck and popped-OUT and keeps an up-beat tempo I fuck with — the whispering of “Subscribe” at the beginning sticks. I chose to “Subscribe” on my own terms, and Kyle’s legacy channel uploads becomes a RABBIT HOLE. I dare YOU to bare witness to Kyle’s gaze. You end up realizing it’s all fine, you’re living at mom’s house with your sig-nif, but like NEW JOB and SNEAKERS and ROSES/SUMMER and OOF, EVERTHING.

Once you come back to Kyle’s “Stay 4Ever” video, it’s like the full-circle effect was just downloaded into your cranium so gently that you figure, What’s one more play? The bells, twitch lyrics, soft piano, echo, “I love you,” AIM, synchronization, Kyle t-shirts, bubblegum bursts, pro drops — WAIT, IS KYLE FUCKING WITH MY MIND? Now I’m trying to make my own “FUCK OFF I’M TEXTNIG” gear while wading through a dark spree of YouTube exploration: black magic how-tos, fan-fiction theme songs, Kylie Jenner lip challenge fails… I’m either going to get haunted, hooked on a new television show, or get arrested. All’s chill because Kyle has my back. Mostly, have fun. Keep safe. Stay health. And actual!

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