♫♪  Levek - “Snakeboy”

“The Monster Mash” is insufferable, but ghosts tattoos and last-minute costumes are great. So we’re torn. Halloween is a four-day event now. People have jobs, but how does anyone justify drawing flowers on a plain white tee, write “AVANT” on the chest, and walking around explaining to everyone you’re an “Avant Garden” if it’s only used once? What happened to Halloween compilations? Remember the 2011 Holy Page Records Comp? It’s still free to download it. Go grab it. Wait. Wait until you hear “Snakeboy.” It’s a free Halloween gift from Levek and Elestial Sound. Kinda like the cards Grandma used to send on off holidays, but Levek’s card is a spooked story about turning into a Snakeboy with accompanying dancefloor instructions and Grams doesn’t dance much these days. So put your arms in your shirt, cross your legs, and wrangle the Snakeboy.

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