♫♪  Lia Mice - “I Love You (Mark McGuire Remix)”

Lia Mice has embraced the vie en émeraude. On her upcoming album, I Love You, she embraces more “danceable tempos.” Well bless her heart, I just think that’s fabulous. She was inspired by a séjour in Europe no less… imagine that! Europe certainly has a habit of luring artists into the dark, funky abyss of danceable tempos. You know the ones. They make you get up and jerk your shoulders and hips like the convulsing host of an Italo-nightcreatues unborn spawn.

To be totally P.C., Mice was living in France, where the clubs are all hip and sophistiqué… how else would she have developed a sound so rooted in retro charm, yet also filled with hyper-futuristic counterpoint and washes of PC-era ambiance. Perhaps with the help of one Mark McGuire, whose guitar absolutely shreds over serpentine arpeggios?

“I Love You (Mark McGuire Remix)” almost has the feel of a duet, with two distinct voices facing each other from either end of their influences — Lia Mice with her new-found footwork, (of which I can’t wait to hear more of when her albums drops November 4) and Mark McGuire’s long career in baseball. Wait…. what I meant to say was, “Mark McGuire’s long career as sonic gardener of Eden in Emeralds and as a solo artist.”

Lia Mice’s new album I Love You is out on CD/LP via MOORWORKS, Rice is Nice, and Old Flame Records this November 3.

• Lia Mice: http://www.liamice.com
• Mark McGuire: http://markmcguire.bandcamp.com
• MOORWORKS: http://www.moorworks.com
• Rice is Nice: http://www.riceisnice.net
• Old Flame Records: http://oldflamerecords.com

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