Mark McGuire announces Beyond Belief, shares “Earth: 2015”

Mark McGuire announces Beyond Belief, shares "Earth: 2015"

Mark McGuire has announced his second full-length on Dead Oceans, titled Beyond Belief. It’s due November 13, and he’s packing pre-orders of the new album with a “Chopped &Chief’d” cassette, which includes chopped and screwed versions of tracks from the album.

McGuire has shared the track “Earth: 2015,” which is a cluttered yet oddly comforting sonic equivalent of the futuristic now with a dark, 80s-inspired mood. There are also recordings of bear farts on this album. And to keep things deep and interesting, McGuire includes liner notes that accompany each song with fantastical stories.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction:

- Mark McGuire has new album: FACT
- Pre-orders include chopped and screwed cassette: FACT
- Bear farts: FICTION
- Cool liner notes: FACT

Beyond Belief tracklisting

01. The Naacals
02. The Past Presents The Future
03. Sons Of The Serpent
04. Earth: 2015
05. The Undying Stars
06. Lock In Our Sky Language (For Cyan)
07. Beyond
08. True Love (Song For Rachel)
09. Belief

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