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Photo by Harald Hutter

Denma Peisinger and Laurence Strelka — the transatlantic French/Canadian duo formerly known as Hey Mother Death — had already made several days’ progress on their new record back in November 2015 when, suddenly, the Paris neighborhood where their studio is located was sucked up into the chaos of the Bataclan theater attack. As the fallout of that night began to leave its mark on international culture and history, Strelka and Peisinger decided to turn inward and use their remaining sessions to look at how the attacks and their aftermath had affected them not just as citizens, but as two individuals and creative minds in pursuit of the new project, Love Supræme.

The fruit of this introspection is found on Love Supræme, the self-titled debut of the pair’s re-christened project. Reducing their tools to a minimum, it is a intense set of tracks composed with just an 808 and Strelka’s undoctored first-take vocals. Stark and fully exposed, this may also be the crew’s most open and humane release, a sincere investigation of how legacies of violence leave their mark on human lives, and how we might possibly manage to keep living and emoting under the worst of times.

We here all love the record and are excited to premiere the whole thing for you today. Stream it below, and then don’t forget to nab it from Love Supræme’s Bandcamp.

1. Strange Lands Prelude
2. God Moves Through The City
3. Understand
4. Strange Lands
5. Today is a Good Day
6. Night
7. Stranger

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