♫♪  LXV - “Mihal Drop Scene”

Elements of spiritual displacement

LXV composed the new release Clear as a dissection of connectivity across realities. Collated along a single thread mediums can be measured by its distance from the singular archetype of the user, whose function divides into two factions experience and design. Rubén Patiño’s video for “Mihal Drop Scene” stresses the the interwoven thresholds of threalities.

Patrici Flores “Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality”

““”“”“”“”“UX and UI designers”“”“”“”“”“

“game design → web and mobile apps we use every day”

in addition to learning about 3D space by experimenting with Unity, Unreal, Vuforia, Maya, etc. — we should also prioritize our attention on understanding users’ changing habits and behaviors.

Do the designer thing and ask questions:

How is the user connecting, thinking and moving in 3D, both within the interface and outside of it?

Why would working in AR/VR/MR on this device be a compelling solution for this particular problem?

How can we ideate, wireframe or prototype effectively?

Translating 3D experiential models and placing them into a digital format takes a special, nuanced approach.

“we are […] human, and life is in 3D. We already have 3D awareness, it’s just so second nature that we need to refine it.” — Start Learning the Language of Space

AR utilized alongside the gamification of geodata.

°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°º°ºBehaviors of foursquare, swarm, snapchat°º

¬An individual is called on a journey into “becoming,” is placed in the above-mentioned trifecta:
       ¬An individual is called on a journey into “becoming,” is skeptical at first.
         ¬They eventually cross the threshold and go off on a great adventure.
             ¬At the end of the journey cycle, the hero transforms, maybe learns something new, and changes the world around him.

They’re always watching. They’re watching your every move. Forever witnessing each part of your life and measuring fate. Destiny as an algorithmic prediction. Trapped in a camera. Imagined effigies in an assortment of grainy images. An ouroboros of images. Lines crisscrossing signal fades linked into a series of time-signatures wifi-ing like a pulse across nodes only to shut down time and space. A hacking that controls one’s entire body. — C Monster

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