♫♪  Lymbyc Systym - “Opposing Bodies (Botany Remix)”

Botany’s retooling of label mates Lymbyc Systym’s new song “Opposing Bodies” is not your conventional remix, especially not by today’s standards. First off, it’s nearly twice as long as the original, stretching a radio-friendly 3:46 to a jazz LP-friendly 7:25. Second, the beat doesn’t drop until 2:40. Third, it’s coming out on 45 RPM, and actually bookends the release with the original song as the first track.

Of course, maybe that’s the point. These are “Opposing Bodies” after all. So, where Lymbyc Systym’s original sounds like something you’d half-expect to hear in a TV commercial advertising a trip to the Catskills, Botany’s remix sounds like something you might hear while tripping and trying to teach your cat skills like TV commercial advertising. Once blissfully-straightforward synth lines now wobble with a serious case of the bends. The drums got tired of waiting for their Uber and stumbled home barefoot, dragging dead bugs and leaves across the carpet.

A few weeks ago, when the exterminator came by to spray the apartment, he was warned that there are two cats living here now. “It’s OK, they won’t drink this,” he said.

“But would you?” he was asked.

“Would I? Depends. Maybe on a Friday night, in a pinch.”

That exchange actually took place, so who says nothing different happens anymore? Lymbyc Systym’s New Varieties is out tomorrow on bone-colored 45 and CD via Western Vinyl.

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