♫♪  MAGAS - “Machete King”

If a hallucinogenic mist enveloped the world in the aftermath of some serious eschatological warfare type scenario, I guess things would be pretty bad [alright yeah you’re doing it man ~ they’re buying it]. I mean I think things would have already been pretty bad up to that point, so I imagine whoever is left [they can’t even TELL] to experience the whole acid gas chapter of the multi-chapter end days experience would have to be some special breed of trip champion [you look so normal right now] to survive, wandering through the swirls for at least a little while, witnessing true marvels without precedent [hands are sweating] out in the melting wasteland for the last trudge [made it].

Noise underground veteran Jim Magas (a.k.a. MAGAS, when he mans a station of synths and samplers) opens a portal to the acid wars in the video for “Machete King,” a cut from the Heads Plus 12” that inaugurated his new imprint Midwich Productions. Channeling Brian Aldiss’s sci-fi novel Barefoot in the Head, Magas enters the persona of the perma-tripping protagonist Man The Driver as he cruises through a CGI-abetted fractal odyssey of dripping faces and synth dials reflected in infinity shades. After carving out a discography of post-industrial/no-wave/electro experiments with seminal outfits like Couch and Lake of Dracula, MAGAS’s newest set of solo jams find him guiding his system of interlaced machines through dynamic song structures while working within a time-tested palette of bludgeoning drum tones and synth squiggles. As “Machete King” twists through its tiered analog melodies, the mists take hold of our hero and chop his perspective into tinier looped fragments — while other signs of human life indicate that maybe the apocalypse hasn’t quite hit yet, at least to some of us [Phew].

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