♫♪  Michael Beharie - Ray Like Morning

Been almost a year since TMT heard something fresh from Michael Beharie, and NO SHIT Astro Nautico put it on again! Dag, it’s been TWO YEARS since his THIS IS ONE BREATH. So let me be the first to publish:

Ray Like Morning has been worth the wait!

Astro Nautico has really been on the pulse since the get-go, constantly keeping that hazy vibe throughout each release, and Ray Like Morning is proof the label-team has may best friends with consistency. Purely, Michael Beharie’s background in electronics and percussion subtly soar in Ray Like Morning, complimenting vocals that range from a variety of genres that compel ears to keep listening.

Like a stretch in the morning. Like a refreshing yawn that chains itself around the office. Like a tender moment at lunch time on a day you’d never expect. Like meeting someone new, but knowing you’ve met them once before. Like a reflection that gives your room a rare pattern only you will ever witness. Ray Like Morning is the perfect culmination of Michael Beharie’s works and Astro Nautico’s discography. Enjoy your Friday everyone:

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