♫♪  Mick Barr - “Worthhnt (Rust Mine)”

There’s actually no way out of the mysterious cavernous region of “Worthhnt (Rust Mine).” No matter how sharply gagged the walls; no matter how infinite the path may lead; no matter how loud the shriek: all is lost within. No echo. Complete with bare bones strewn about from previous excavators. The smell of rot. Putrid moisture that tingles skin. Desolated journey. And Mick Barr is hear to bard you the story of such a place, as the folklore behind “Worthhnt (Rust Mine)” is too daunting for clarity in storytelling.

Mick Barr’s tormented vocals retell the forsaken that sought out to defeat the majesty of “Worthhnt (Rust Mine).” His hands wrap around the neck, grasping to strangle his storytelling companion, while slashing the guts out of its body work recounts the agony in which fate settles for each bravely failed adventurer. “Worthhnt (Rust Mine)” isn’t for the feint of heart, and I don’t think anyone else could tell it as intricately as Mick Barr.

If I gotta break down Mick Barr and his project(s) timeline for you, you been sleeping on some wicked artistry. Here’s a bit of a short-cut, just in case. But, as the follow up to Mick’s previous track, “Blespac (Spathages),” Tiny Mix Tapes is proud to present “Worthhnt (Rust Mine),” which is side-b on the new Wharf Cat Records 7-inch. Blespac (Spathages) is dropping March 25, it’s all streaming now on the net, but pre-orders of this brief dynasty in sound are available NOW, on the cheap, and totally work adding to your collection. Slay!

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