♫♪  Mohammad - “Sagaraki”

Segondè Saleco, the third and final volume of string-based drone trio Mohammad’s Co-ordinates trilogy, is about to drop. Described by the band as a “final carthasis”, Segondè completes a sequence of sound studies focussed on the geographical area between 34˚N – 42˚N & 19˚E – 29˚E. Much like Richard Skelton’s Landing series, the trilogy explores and redraws in a single movement, folding spatial extension and corporeal mass into an apperceptive knot of texture and duration. Another touchstone would be Antifrost label-mate Francisco López’s Epoché Collection, a series of treated rainforest field recordings that examine the virtual idea of the rainforest via manipulation of actual substance. Key terms for all: psychogeography, improv-not-improv, hypnosis, melancholy, fauna, flora, dream, sleep, draw, wish, resonance, residue.

On “Sagaraki”, mezzo-soprano Erifyli Giannakopoulou guests alongside Coti K (double bass), Nikos Veliotis (cello) and Ilios (oscillators). It’s a slow-moving thing of gentle turbulence and haunting beauty, of nagging eddies and whispering undercurrents, and we’re very excited to premiere the video (below). My own reading is that the boat is consciousness, the water is sound, and the goat is the thing that serves them both – whatever that may be. Kyros Papavassiliou directs. His new movie, Impressions Of A Drowned Man, is a melancholy, noir-ish ghost story and portrait of the early modernist poet Kostas Karyotakis. You can read more about Karyotakis here (Greek-only), you can read about the movie here, and, more importantly, you can order your copy of Segondè Saleco (limited edition on vinyl or CD) from the Antifrost label shop here, and you can also grab this neat and tidy Co-ordinates tee while you’re at it.

• Mohammad: http://mohammad.gr
• Antifrost: http://www.antifrost.gr

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