Mohammad set to release “uber opus” Pèkisyon Funebri

Mohammad set to release "uber opus" Pèkisyon Funebri

In the cluttered Greek chamber doom market, Mohammed are the undeniable pinup boys. Thus, the news of what they promise to be their “most ambitious work to date” should be approached with much trepidation. They’ve been frightening the living shit out of us since 2009, but apparently that was just them tuning up.

Steel yourself baying masses, because Antifrost have finally put a date on Mohammed’s latest album Pèkisyon Funebri, which will be released October 25 digitally and as a 3 x 10-inch vinyl box. The release appears to be under a new moniker, MMMD.

You can start here with “Malproksime” below, and then gird those effing loins for the “uber opus.”

Pèkisyon Funebri tracklist:

Side A
01. Az álmok itt érnek véget (rész 1)
02. Qoxra

03. Ankourajman

Side C
04. Sorsa

Side D
05. Malproksime

Side E
06. Az álmok itt érnek véget (rész 2)
07. Az álmok itt érnek véget (rész 3)

Side F
08. Erdia Da

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