♫♪  Molly Drag - “Cold Song”

Photo Credit: Heather Nolan

Soft melody hums as a harmony with wistful words accented by resounding notes that chime on, both poignant and hopeful; a cold night kept warm in memory. An eastern wind shakes sycamore leaves still clinging to their branches, they shiver in pairs and shimmer white under moonlight. Cigarettes glow amber, exhaled smoke lingers in still air, the porch light filters through it and shines behind you like a halo and refracts off broken glass, long since overlooked. Quiet chill settles in, stretches itself and sighs with contentment. There is comfort in this cold, the sky holds its breath and makes a promise.

“Cold Song” premiers as part of a forthcoming body of work from artist Molly Drag. Have a listen for yourself here.

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