♫♪  Molly Drag - Nodding Off

Photo Credit: Heather Nolan

Hushed and melodic, Molly Drag’s Nodding Off creates an atmosphere of subtle comfort and welcoming softness. Endless weeks of too bright days finally come to pass; starkness and over-exposed still lifes replaced by gentle light and muted tones. Everything becomes watercolor; shape and form blurred soft at their edges, light dim enough to finally lift your head, allow for the first time, your eyes to focus, to see, at last, this landscape veiled in fog beneath heavy clouds. Leaves whisper to each other from treetops in anticipation, westward winds stirring their branches.

Raindrops draw out new constellations on sidewalks before washing themselves out. Parched willows bow with gratitude, they exhale and so do you. Solitude in this moment is not solitary, each blade of grass hums and waves in the breeze, finally alive again, together you inhale. Moss begins to trace the outlines of each tree root, settle between stones, make its home on weathered wood. This world can only be temporary but in this moment, you find comfort, though fleeting, still true. In this moment you are alone but everything around you has come alive in contended sighs and quiet joy. Ephemeral comfort in this dampened landscape can promise, at best, to return again.

Album Cover by Erik Connelly

Nodding Off is available for download here. Have a listen for yourself:

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