♫♪  Morten_HD - “Panwerk”

The enigmatic clatter that fills the walls in Castle de Visual Disturbances is getting a new member. On October 1 the Detroit label is releasing Morten_HD’s new EP Naphtha in an unusual digital/cassette coexist. Out of the 17 unreleased tracks they put on the tape, six were chosen for an accompanying digital EP. A.k.a. the Naphtha digital EP is a half plate of nachos – chewy, crunchy, and topped with cool flavortowns, but the Naphtha cassette is the piled high, get-a-gut overload that costs a couple bucks more and is totally worth it. One of the six tracks picked out for the digital EP is “Panwerk” and it just came out of the salamander.

The name Morten_HD in a literal analysis is high visual chaos linked by underscore: the word Morten has ancient Roman roots in “death” and “war” and HD is utterly visceral. This moniker is evocative of the grotesque and stimulative. Enter “Panwerk” begins with kicking around an Arabian Nights flute in a vacant industrial lot – an image materialized frequently throughout Visual Disturbances’ back catalog and a combination of the destructive and pleasant. An interesting note to point out is while writing Naphtha Morten_HD was inspired by Norway’s largest heist ever, the NOKAS Robbery, that occurred in his hometown. Maybe there’s a “violence in the media” theme to Naphtha, but at the very least can someone soundtrack their heist movie to it?

• Morten_HD: https://soundcloud.com/mortenhd
• Visual Disturbances: http://visualdisturbances.net

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