♫♪  Morten_HD - “Tropholytic”

Overwhelming nuances have become the most fashion-forward aesthetic route to take in the past few minutes of music. Listen to Elysia Crampton or DJ Coquelin or The Nativist; blending genres into an ultra unit of sound-intake is currently the most sought-after audible experience producers can create for next-level listener revelation. So upon clicking play on “Tropholytic” waved by Morten_HD, it’s like a surge of energy taking control of your body, and then contemplating if it’s a horror-house at Halloween or the club’s dancefloor.

Like, I was doing laundry at me mom’s place recently, noticed she got this new-age lightbulb in her basement that looks cube, and without glass surrounding it. In between hanging some non-drier, wet clothes, while listening to “Tropholytic” [DUHH!!! Basement dance party on the Island], I reached out and touched one of these lights in the cube. At first, I thought it was a hot or burning sensation on my finger, but then the clothes I was hanging began to give me little shocks, and I realized I had been electricuted. JEROME Worldwide Recordings came out the garage door like, “Yo, you’re hair on edge, my mans.” My mom’s place is dangerous. I used to think there was a dude in the back of this basement in a devil costume smoking a cigarette, always. And Morten_HD’s How To Escape A Rip Current sitting between the sci-fi and suspense section of the VHS store.

Morten_HD’s How To Escape A Rip Currentis the third official release embarking on JEROME Worldwide Recordings, to be released digitally at all digital retail stores, and on cassette exclusively through Apothecary Compositions. Watch the video for “Tropholytic” below:

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