♫♪  Nekophiliac - “R O M A N C E”

With the addition of Nekophiliac to their digital zombie milieu, Pittsburgh’s Postlife collective furthers their inclination for that which moves beyond the realm of the waking.

Enter “R O M A N C E,” an insidious, respawning-within-you-and-elsewhere-at-once kind of love: fricative breakbeats lurch into being, out of an entombed era into this one with reanimated fatalism, graced with pentatonic steel drums evoking the onomatopoeic zen of a Chief Keef banger. Subterranean death rattles underpin the analog friction and digitally-precise hi-hats roll over the surface with the sheen of that which is Designed To Be And To Die. An eerie architecture, woven to unravel itself and slice you up into a Real Life Doll in its undoing.

Grab your copy of Nobody over at Hoko Sounds today — get it while you can; only 25 of these pink-shelled undead beauties walk the earth.

• Nekophiliac: https://soundcloud.com/you-like-krabby-patties
• Hoko Sounds: https://soundcloud.com/hokosounds

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